Saturday, April 28, 2012

These videos crack me up!

This is an old post that somehow never got posted.....I had to giggle when I found it!

Kassidy is finding that popcicles help with teething! She is working on some molars...

Check out her clearance Dora hightops - she is estatic as she adores Dora!

Kassidy loves to sing...however she tends to clam up when she sees the camera on her...

Daddy wore a bow?

I HAD to post this and share Kassidy's words of wisdom.....she amazes me!

Me "Kass I don't think Mike wants to wear a bow in his hair"
Kass "uh huh, dad wore a bow when you got married!"
Me "huh? "
Kass "yea that bow on his neck!"

 Sometimes I think she is too smart for her own good!!!